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Homework Question on Warning System Russellville, Arkansas USA

  • We know that warning the population is one of the most important functions that emergency managers can perform when there is an impending hazard or an actual disaster. For this discussion please consider the hazards for which you are at risk Russellville, Arkansas and match those hazards to the warning systems that you know are in place to warn the population.
  • Respond to this posting by addressing the two highest risk hazards in Russellville, Arkansas, USA . For each hazard please address the following:
  1. Identify the warning systems in Russellville, Arkansas, USA and explain their strengths and weaknesses. so be specific and to the point and no introduction or conclusion or cover page.

Homework Answer on Warning System Russellville, Arkansas USA

Hazard risks of Russellville city and warning systems

Russellville City of Arkansas State is constantly under the threat of severe natural hazards. In the recent past, Arkansas as a city has struggled to survive natural hazards such as tornadoes and floods (Lowther, 2008). In 2008, Russellville City in Arkansas was hit by two severe tornadoes believed to be of very high magnitude (Lowther, 2008). This eventually resulted to loss of innocent lives as well as loss of property through demolition of household and churches.

Ever since, different experts and scientists have engaged in the task of predicting such fatal hazards in future. They recently predicted that a severe earthquake might hit this state of Arkansas in the next 50 years hence the need to plan for management of this risk since a similar event was experienced in Arkansas state back in 1911 and 1912 where there was a series of earthquake events and that were of very high magnitudes (Lowther, 2008).

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There are well implemented Hazard Warning Systems that are in place to detect impeding disasters in all states of USA. Such systems are also very well linked with the government organizations and to private organizations for dissemination of information that needs urgent attention and even though such systems are in place, they lack national warning strategies (Sorensen, 2000).  For earthquakes, Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS) has been implemented. This system does seismic monitoring through collection of data throughout the USA and provides real time information on matters that need special attention.