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Homework Question on Views on America and Americans

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  • Identify the similarities and differences regarding their opinion of Americans versus America.

Homework Answer on Views on America and Americans

According to the Pew research centre (2014), there are similarities in Russia’s view of America versus their view of American, albeit the views are inclined towards the unfavourable notions.  Due to the variances between the U.S and Russia on the imposed economic sanctions on Russia and the matters regarding Crimea, the opinions of Russian about both the U.S and Americans were low in 2014.

Not only were the Russian views on the U.S and Americans low, but their opinion on these two issues suffered substantial decline when compared to the recent past. However, like many other nations surveyed in the research, there exists a disparity between the young and the old in their view of the favourability of the U.S, with Russia expressing a 9 point difference between the young and the old.

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In a continuation of this unfavourable trend of opinions against the U.S, the image of current U.S president Barrack Obama suffered a 14 point decline from an already low 29 point rating. This decline in his image in Russia goes hand in hand with the decline in the country’s confidence in the American leader. In addition to their opposition to the Ukrainian confrontation, Russia’s opposition to the concept of drone strikes is clear.