Sample Management Essays On Total Quality Management (TQM)

Homework Question on Total Quality Management (TQM)

  • Please choose ONE of the following quality gurus. Discuss his contribution to the field of TQM(total quality management).
  • Word limit: 500
  1.             W. E. Deming
  2.             Joseph M. Juran
  3.             Philip B. Crosby
  4.             Armand V. Feigenbaum

Homework Answer on Total Quality Management (TQM) 

Total Quality management (TQM) is a long-term management approach that focuses on success and customer satisfaction. Organizations and its members strive towards improving products, processes and, their firm’s culture (Waheed, U, W. Ronald, H, & Ralph, H 2013).TQM utilizesefficient communications and plansin order to assimilate quality into organizational culture. It focuses on continual improvement, employee involvement, and system integration.

Contributions of Deming to TQM

Deming stated fourteen management practices that he believed can help corporations increase productivity and quality:

  1. Creation of constant improvement:This entails planning for quality as a long-term goal, finding new things and doing better in them, and forecasting and planning for future challenges and how to deal with them (Zairi, M 2013,659).
  2. New Philosophy adoption:This is through prioritizing customer needs, embracing quality, being prepared for change whenever there is competitive pressure and implementing own quality vision.

Homework Help3.Avoid Inspection Dependence:Deming states that, inspections are unreliable and do not improve on quality (Zairi, M 2013, 659). Thus, firms ought to implement quality culture throughout their activities, and use of control methods to identify whether processes are functioning.

4.Using Single supplier:Since quality depends on consistence, suppliers should be viewed as partners in quality, and should be encouraged to meet quality requirements.