Sample Management Essays On Time Management

Homework Question on Time Management

  • Summarise and critically analyse the academic literature on your topic.
  1. For example, what is the predominant theory or model in this area?
  2. What aspects of the skill/topic are unknown and require further study?
  3. Are there any controversies or mixed findings about the topic?
  4. How is this skill/topic related to other class-related topics (Interpersonal skills/managing conflict)?
  5. How does the skill/topic affect work or relationship outcomes? Etc.
  • Important Note 1: A single paper of approximately 1500 words cannot and should not address everything related to the skill/topic you identify.
  • You should discuss a few issues in- depth rather than attempt to cover a lot of issues superficially.
  • Your paper should be a critical analysis and integration of the main issues you identify.

Homework Answer on Time Management

Time management describes an act of organizing as well as practicing conscious control of the total time spent over something to enhance overall efficiency and productivity. Time management is a conscious activity that is usually intended to increase overall benefits that can be generated from a specific set of activities within a limited duration of time. The process of time management can be perpetuated by various tools and skills employed when running certain activities, projects and objectives intended to meet certain deadlines.

Although the term was initially used to describe work-related activities, it has recently been broadened to also describe personal activities. According to James (99), a time management plan is usually designed in a manner that ensures that it incorporates processes, skills and techniques that would enhance completion of any project within the required timeframe and scope.

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Literature review

Literature indicates that time management is an important management concept that is particularly concerned about promoting an environment that is favorable as well as conducive for effectiveness. This means that a person intending to effectively manage his/her time should get organized, protect the available time from being wasted as well as focus on specific goals to promote recovery from time-wasting habits. A study by Alexander (66), showed that an individual should first put into consideration the total amount of time that might be required to accomplish a certain task so as to ensure that time is effectively managed.