Sample Management Essays On The Failure of IT In Canada

Homework Question on The Failure of IT in Canada

  • Read this article that Target’s IT problem in Canada.
  • How inferior IT killed Target Canada
  • .
  • Write up a one-page report about the issues that Target encountered.
  • Pull in some additional research if you can besides this one article, use complete sentences and paragraphs.
  • Put some thought into it.
  • Do a little research.
  • Use good grammar.

Homework Answer on The Failure of IT in Canada

One of the challenges thatmultinational companies encounter as they expandto othercountries is how to defeat the competition in the foreign markets. Target, a United States-based retailer aimed to internationalize its business by moving to Canada. The move would enable the retailer to acquire a larger market for their products. In addition, the retailer observed that customers had been travelling from Canada to shop intheir retail stores in the USA.

In 2013, Target decided to lease 124 Zellers stores in Canada owned by Hudson’s Bay Company at a cost of $1.8 billion. Additionally, they used more than $2 billion dollars to refurbish and customize the stores so as to look similar to the USA Target stores. However, within a period of two years the company was making losses of about $2 billion dollars annually (Gewirtzn.p.). What went wrong in the massive expansion of Target to Canada.

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One of the major failures in the business was the flaws in the supply chain management of Canadian Target stores. By going international, companies aim to enhance the supply chain management by bringing the goods closer to the customers. However, in order to achieve the benefits of internationalization, the supply chain strategy must be well thought-out. According to an article by the Wall Street Journal, customers were disappointed by finding the shelves of even the fast moving consumer goods empty (Banjo and Trichurn.p.)