Sample Management Essays On The ENFP Personality

Homework Question on The ENFP Personality

  1. Please write a brief paragraph or two explaining your personality type (I am an ENFP) and what you have learned about yourself, how you think you will fit into an organization and any surprises that you may have encountered.

Homework Answer on The ENFP Personality

Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving (ENFP) is the character that an individual’s primary focus is on external systems. As an ENFP, an individual centers on other peoples possibilities with the interest to form new ideas. This is characterized by an energetic, warm, and passionate need to explore external potentials. As such, I find myself responsive as well as very impressive when communicating with people, creating humor and demonstrating strong human experience.

ENFPs have an internalized mode of dealing with matters based on personal intuition and value system. ENFPs demonstrate a high level of curiosity with much attention being inclined to other people’s ideas in order to build trust and understating. Thus, details and much repetition could easily bore ENFPs since they value personal freedom and expression. As such, the highest priority is on personal pleasure as well as making other people happy.

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As an ENFP, I often find myself passionate and excited about things enhancing the desire to inspire and motivate. My personality bears great skills and talent experience that makes one a consistent and an effective organizational manager. Challenges may develop when one becomes overconfident and intense, thus losing focus of the reality. Being an ENFP helps me to empower others in addition to enhancing personal contributions in workplace, which boosts efficiency. All the same, at times I encounter problems when making judgments concerning a person or situation due to illogical conclusions.