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During his significant career at Apple, NeXT, and Pixar, Steve Jobs exhibited great persuasive skills in interacting with a broad diversity of audiences. He demonstrated his application of principles common to performing and visual arts. Therefore, Jobs represents a substantial role model for individuals supporting a greater use of arts in managing companies of all kinds. He revealed that leaders and entrepreneurs like him could highly gain from a study of arts in classroom including exposure to the work of important artists. Jobs is defined asa technologist, designer, thinker, and visionary (Yu 33). This paper examines Steve Jobs’ leadership by discussing qualities that made his leadership style exceptional.

Focused Leader

Focus was inherent in Jobs’ personality and his Zen training mentored him. He was able to denounce what he regarded to be disruptions.In some cases, his workmates and relatives were frustrated, as they approached him to address several issues, such as legal challenges and medical examinations they regarded to be significant. Jobs would not focus on their requests before accomplishing his goal. Towards his death, Jobs visited Larry Page and advised him to pay attention on only five major products and abandon the rest to succeed.

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Additionally, he told his workforce to concentrate on few priorities like Android and Google+ to make the most out of them the way he would have done it. During his return to Apple in 1977, Jobs decided that the company would stop producing many computers and peripherals and focus on only four great products. This decision was important in saving the company and leading to its success ((Tetzeli 73).