Sample Management Essays On South Carolina Emergency Response Plans

Homework Question on South Carolina Emergency Response Plans

  • Please answer to a doctor’ questions and write it as an essay.
  • “Pick a real jurisdiction (a state, a county, a town, or even an entire nation) and find their emergency response plan online.
  1. Take a look at the response plan and then explain to the group: how their response organization is structured? How are responsibilities assigned?
  2. Does use Emergency Support Functions (ESFs), for example or does the plan give roles and responsibilities to specific agencies?
  3. Second, explain how the response plan that you found compares to the National Response Framework. How are they similar and how are they different?
  • Be sure to include a link to the response plan you chose so your classmates can take a look.” Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Homework Answer on South Carolina Emergency Response Plans

Structure of the response agency

The South Carolina emergency response plan is structured into different sections: The overall leader of the organization is the director; he/she is assisted by the Chief of staff Director. The public officers provide important details before a disaster and after, all Fiscal activities and general administration is managed through the finance department. The planning department develops the response plans and the operations unit is in charge of managing state emergency centers. The logistics department manages facilities including buildings and state of the art activities (South Carolina Emergency Management Division, 2010).

How responsibilities are assigned

All responsibilities are assigned depending on the magnitude of the disaster and the response activities begin at the smallest level. (South Carolina Emergency Management Division 2010). When a disaster is more than what the local response can handle the local government step in, when an emergency is beyond the local resource, the local government request for help from the other level of government.

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Use of emergency support functions

The South Carolina’s emergency response plan uses the emergency support function concept for the purpose of gathering and using the state resources. The support function defines the primary responsibilities of the state agencies in carrying out a successful response and recovery operation. The state agencies that are within each ESF have the primary responsibility of coordinating and implementing the ESF (South Carolina Emergency Management Division, 2010).