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  • Dissertation title  Occupants Satisfaction in Social and Private Homes Dissertation aim To explore and compare occupant satisfaction criteria in social and private homes and the current use of customer satisfaction questionaires
  • Objectives :
  1. Establish a criteria for occupants satisfaction in private homes through a literature review
  2. Establish a criteria for occupants satisfaction in social homes through a literature review
  3. Explore and asses the suitability of the current methods of assessing occupants satisfaction

Homework Answer on Social Housing

  1. Occupants Satisfaction in Social and Private Homes 

For housing services providers, who provide relatively affordable housing that is often targeted to particular social groups, the issue of occupant satisfaction is important as a greater degree of client satisfaction is related to the quality of service provided to the occupants. When determining the type and range of housing services to be provided to the occupants, an understanding of the occupant satisfaction levels is a useful in structuring service delivery.

Despite occupants not being experts in all matters pertaining to housing, they provide important feedback on the quality of housing. Housing services providers do not simply provide a roof for their occupants but also they should ensure that the housing services that they offer address the needs and circumstances of the prospective occupants. Although occupant satisfaction in housing could be considered to be a generic measure, there are major differences in the approaches used to determine occupant satisfaction in social as well as private homes.

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This dissertation will look to highlight the differences in approach to assessing occupant satisfaction between social homes and private homes and assess whether the differences in approach impact the level of satisfaction reported as well as the quality of service for the occupants. This chapter shall provide the background by differentiating between private and social homes and give the history and purpose of measuring occupant satisfaction.