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  1. Give a brief introduction about Radio Shack Company, including their historic background, the culture of this company and who is the CEO of this company right now.

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History and Profile

Radio Shack is an American retail chain firm, which deals with electronics. It’s headquartered in Texas, with their stores manned by independent dealers, and located in Mexico and the United States. Hedge fund Standard is the largest shareholder of the company, owning ten percent of Radio Shack’s stock.The first forty years after the establishment of the company, it was operated by two brothers, Milton and Theodore Deutschmann.

They opened a mail order operation and a one retail store and named it Radio Shack, meaning a tiny wooden structure, which accommodated radio equipment. The name seemed suitable for retail store that would supply radio requirements to radio operators and officers. In 1939, the corporation issued its initial catalog, as it made its first appearance in the music market. In 1954, the firm began selling its privately labeled products branded Realistic, established a strong mail- order trade, and expanded its stores.

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In 1960, RadioShack was bankrupt after facing challenges in its business, but Charles Tandy bought the retail company for reestablishment.Radio Shack became Tandy Corporation that originally operated leather good business, and ended Shack’s unprofitable business and credit operations. Tandy Corporation bought an Allied Radio and merged the brand with Radio Shack, where it resulted to high profits due to the large population.