Sample Management Essays On Performance Measurement

Homework Question on Performance Measurement

  • Tapinos, E., Dyson, R. G., & Meadows, M. (2005) ‘The impact of performance measurement in strategic planning’, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 54 (5), pp. 370–384.
  1. Evaluate the finding that PM is one of the key success factors in strategic planning.
  2. What effect do you think a) the size of the organisation and b) the rate of change have on the effectiveness of performance measurement?
  3. Support your argument with evidence from the study and other real examples where possible.

Homework Answer on Performance Measurement

Performance measurement is the process by which information about the organization performance is collected and analyzed. This helps the organization to see whether they will have achieved their goal of profit maximization.

Effect of Performance Measurement on Strategic Planning

According to international journal of productivity and performance management, performance measurement has positive effects on strategic planning which are the key factors to success in an organization (Bacon 20). After analyzing the results of the questionnaire, it is clear that the size of an organization and its location highly affects it operations.

Allocation of Resources

Performance measurement helps managers to determine where to allocate the resources so as to report maximum profit in the organization. When the managers receive the performance measurements where the resources are placed in different places, they chose the best place to allocate the resources based on the place that will earn the maximum profits.

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Assessing the Progress of the Strategic Objectives

Assessing the objectives helps to eliminate those objectives that will not help the organization to achieve its goals. Organizations will put many strategic objectives, which they believe will help them achieve their goals. It is good for those objectives to be measured if they are of any value to the organization (Epstein, Davila, and Manzoni 15). This will help them eliminate the strategies, which will not earn them any profit.