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Homework Question on Organizational Culture at King Saud University

  • Describe the Organizational Culture at King Saud University.
  • Be certain to include ALL factors that explain the culture.

Homework Answer on Organizational Culture at King Saud University


Any organization with a long history and traditions has distinctive individual features, which define its unique culture. As such, an organizational culture is a system of commonly shared values, beliefs and traditions governing the behavior of people within the organization, in particular, with regard to the rules of dress code and behavior of the individuals who attend it.

King Saud University is one of such organizations with superior and sophisticated organizational culture that distinguishes it from other similar educational institutions. The University has some of the distinctive features, which together define its unique culture appreciated by all its staff and students. The essay introduces the key features that distinguish the aforementioned University.

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Innovation/ Risk orientation

King Saud University embraces the value of innovation, and continually provides frameworks and platforms for supporting its professors and students in their endeavors aimed at introducing innovative solutions in their specific areas of competence. Many aspects indicate that the institution constantly emphasizes the importance of innovations as an integral part of its culture. In particular, the University made a decision to implement the Learning Management System consisting of an electronic program developed for enhancing the management, follow-ups, and evaluation of training courses and quality of education in general, thus promoting the art of innovation among its members.