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Homework Question on Operational Plans: Planning and Managing Resource Acquisition, Monitoring, and Reviewing Plans

Include three tasks (such as requirements, templates, marking criterion and hints).Three tasks are relevant, Please follow the requirement and appendix should be used

  1. Task 1:develop an operational plan
  2. Task 2:Plan and manage resource acquisition
  3. Task 3:Monitor and review operational performance Expect your great work, thank you so much  Please use at least three reference.

Homework Answer on Operational Plans: Planning and Managing Resource Acquisition, Monitoring, and Reviewing Plans

Task 1: Developing an operational plan Task

The primary task in development of an operational plan involves considering every single strategy outlined and allocating resources, setting timelines, and stipulating performance indicators in the BBQfun Company (Miles, Snow, Meyer, & Coleman, 2008). Employees in an organization, in most cases refer to the operational plans when carrying out some of the organizational roles. Under a viable organizational plan framework, the strategies and tasks to be taken are precisely stated and the persons responsible for the implementation of each strategy described by the BBQfun Company.

Correspondingly, the specific timelines under which the strategies must be completed are also given, coupled with the amount of financial resources to be incurred in completing each of the stated strategy (Miles, Snow, Meyer, & Coleman, 2008). A good operational plan is, in most cases, formulated without any notable reference to the company’s strategic plans and differs on each fiscal year at the BBQfun Company.

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The main purpose of an operational plan is to provide employees within an institution with a precise picture of their specific tasks and responsibilities at the BBQ fun Company. As such, the plan must be within the confines of the set objectives and purposes in the establishment. The policies that are confined within the company’s strategic plans are implemented under operational plans.