Sample Management Essays On Operation Management Exercise

Homework Question on Operation Management Application Exercise

  • Identify actions that could be taken to improve performance and manage the customer’s experience.
  • Provide data on the service rate and arrival rate – or how you go about collecting this data.
  1. Describe a waiting line that occurs around a service your organization provides.
  2. Describe the service system o
  3. Describe the arrival system
  4. How would you characterize the waiting line model
  • Operation management application exercise Waiting Line Analysis

Homework Answer on Operation Management Application Exercise

The operation management applied at my organization is based on the queuing model. In order to improve customer experience; the waiting time needs to be reduced by increasing the number of service providers, have several queues and improve the time that a person takes to be served.  By expanding the number of counters, more clients will be served at a time hence leading to increased turnover time.

The next move is about the expansion of queues that will raise the number of waiting clients. This influences the arrival time that will see a reduction since people are absorbed into the queue. Lastly, reduce serving time by directing the customers to the right counters. This makes it possible for the attendant to render services in less than five minute due to less consultation and movement in search of material/files required in delivering services. The counter may be labeled on specialty basis to ease the locating endeavor (Fitzsimmons & Fitzsimmons, 2010).

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The arrival time for a customer is 10min while service time applied to one customer is at most 15min.  Time spent in the queue is about 30min which makes it to be the most inefficient method to attend to customers. This will be improved by undertaking the actions discussed above. A waiting time is that period spent by the client in the queue waiting for the service to be rendered. Reducing this time makes the customer happy because they do not have to spend a lot of time moving in the queue.