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Homework Question Increasing New Patient Appointments

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Homework Answer on Increasing New Patient Appointments

The success of patients turning to medical institutions depends on how they are talked to. This also depends on conversations made when a call is made in order for one to secure an appointment. An appointment is defined as a time slot reserved for a patient at a given time (Zonderland 3), and usually very common in clinical settings. Appointments are made in physical or through calls made to a hospital, but may not guarantee a patient turning up, however, strategies can be used to maximize customer turnover rates, but highly depends on certain etiquettes in order to attract a customer to the clinical facility.

In the initial point, it is important for the receptionist to gather information concerning the patients that call in order to book for an appointment. This calls for the need to note down the caller information, which can later be used to inquire about the caller in order to enhance feedback purposes as well as maintain a proper customer relationship.

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On the other hand, it is important to understand the caller’s needs, so as to clearly answer the questions that are directed during a phone conversation. The answers given should clearly be directed at the questions with no vague responses that are out of the conversation. On finishing, the representative needs to maximize on the selling point, by asking for the client to book an appointment. She/he needs to understand the client’s preference and go by that or negotiate for a much favorable time slot that is advantageous to the customer “3 tips for increasing new patient appointments: What to say and do on the phone”.