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Homework Question on Nature of knowledge

  1. Describe the ways in which “knowledge” differs from “data” and “information.” Justify your answer with a relevant diagram.
  2. Compare and contrast tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge.
  3. Consider three decisions you have made today. (They could be simple such as, taking a turn while driving or even choosing a soda at a convenience store.) In each case determine the data, information, or knowledge that were involved in the decision.
  • You should use this book as reference ( Becerra- Fernandez (2004), “Knowledge Management: Challenges, Solutions, and Technologies”. Prentice Hall ).

Homework Answer on Nature of knowledge

Difference between Data, Information, and Knowledge

According to Fernandez, Data refers to stimuli, signals, symbols, or raw facts that are non-usable, and hence require further interpretation to structure them in a usable and relevant form. Data is merely unorganized facts or observations, which are unprocessed to any meaningful form, and hence lack value due to absence of context and interpretation. Information is deduced from data, hence giving meaning by interpreting stimuli, signals, and symbols.

Information refers to data that is valuable, relevant, useful, and meaningful after being processed, and structured in a manner that it can be used for a particular purpose and context. Data and information differs from knowledge in that it represents facts, which are either unstructured or structured but not put into application. Knowledge refers to information that is put into action and applied in achieving a particular goal.

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Knowledge is the total sum of experience and what is known by people to be true which heightens individual’s capacity to take an effective action (Becerra-Fernandez, Gonzalez, and Sabherwal, 2004).Tactic and Explicit knowledge are similar in that, they indicate knowledge as being a deeply rooted human process that exists within individuals and it is not possible to reduce it into information processing and automate it using software. Tactic knowledge is an intellectual property that cannot be recorded and is developed through experiences and practices.