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Homework Question on Management Theory Analysis

  1. Management Theory Analysis (80 Points) Provide a detailed overview of a particular theory used by managers to inform practice and review alternatives or solutions. Please be sure to choose a specific theory – not a theory group.
  2. As part of the detailed overview, include the definition of the theory, the major thought leaders/theorists who have contributed to the development of the theory, and areas of business and management where the theory is often applied.
  3. Lastly, provide a scenario where the theory might inform management practice within an organization or the organization to which you belong.
  • As with all your Critical Thinking assignments you should have a cover page and a reference page, and follow APA guidelines. The body of the paper should be two pages in length.
  • Please cite at least three library articles in your paper. Include a reference page and in-text citations.
  • Remember, your thoughts, feelings, and opinions are not applicable in Critical Thinking assignments. Research and facts support critical thinking efforts.

Homework Answer on Management Theory Analysis


Management theories are important concepts that are usually integrated in any given organization to help enhance organizational efficiency and service quality. Although corporate managers may not adopt a singular management theory in their attempt to incorporate business strategies within their corporate units, they often adopt appropriate theories that can help inform best practices to enhance overall organizational performance. This paper aims at conducting an extensive analysis of the hierarchy of needs theory so as to determine how managers can adopt it to inform best practices as well as review best available alternatives and solutions (Patrick, 2003).

The hierarchy of needs theory

The hierarchy of needs theory defines a human motivation theory that describes how individuals can be motivated to increase their productivity by satisfying their innate curiosities. The theory states that different needs that can be classified into biological, safety, love, esteem and self-actualization needs must be satisfied in turn in order to motivate individuals to work hard in order to enhance organizational performance and service quality (Joan, 1999).

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The theory states that while human actions are usually inclined towards goal attainment, organizational managers should integrate organizational needs with employees’ needs so as to motivate individuals to work towards the wellbeing of the larger organization. Organizational managers should thus ensure that employees’ needs are systematically satisfied, beginning with the basic needs for survival to more complex needs intended for personal development, to ensure that individuals at different levels of the organization are motivated to meet the overall needs for the larger organization (Robert, 1990).