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  • Focus your discussion on the following: Is morality entirely learned, or is it in part inherited and therefore genetic? Acknowledging the relativity of morality opens up the gray area that is often referenced in discussing ethics, but the most challenging part of acknowledging that gray area is removing your own viewpoint.
  • You may recall the concept of equipoise, which is continually monitoring one’s thoughts for bias. If you can practice this on a daily basis, you will begin to see more and more areas of gray. This nurtures tolerance and understanding of others, which is what grasping the concept of ethics is all about. Focus on the following questions:
  1. Do people, in American culture, accept the ambiguity of a “relative” concept like morality, or do they reinforce that idea that someone must be right and someone must be wrong? If so, where do we get that from?
  2. Why are people so insistent that there is always one “right” way about things?
  3. To what degree does the influence of Christianity on American culture shape that view?

Homework Answer on Management and Ethics

Is Morality Entirely Learned, Or Is It In Part Inherited and Therefore Genetic?

To understand where morality originates, it is important that one understand what it really is so that they can deduce where it originates. Morality from the ancient times to this modern world has been believed to be a belief or the recognition that some behaviors are “good” while others are “bad” (Nullens, 2013). The society decides what is “acceptable” as good and what is unacceptable as bad. However, society’s perception diverges with moments, situate, and viewpoint.

For instance, some think patriotism is moral while others wonder what kind of blind faith it is. According to many people’s beliefs,’ morality comes from God, while immorality from evil (Reynolds, 2014). However, there are logical questions that question this kind of belief, causing Euthyphro dilemma. Human reality and philosophical concepts of time also question this kind of reasoning. Animals have also a set of rules that they adhere to, which reflect among themselves what is and what is not moral.

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For instance, a young crocodile cannot remove food from an adult crocodile, and in case it happens, the young crocodile is physically punished.It can be deduced that morality is learnt, because it is almost natural that people know what behavior is acceptable through observation. For instance, religion teaches people what is expected people learn how to behave by imitating the good behaviors presented to them by their role models from teachings on how to behave and treat their fellow human beings (Greene, 2002).