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  1. Describe the controlling of Macy’s
  2. I want to do a really good research about Macy’s, and I want it to be perfect and also I want you to BOLD the main Idea and the important thing. use any sources you want to complete it. I need 5 sources but you can use more or less.Interview with Macy’s manager

Homework Answer on Macy’s Company

Just as other successful organizations in the world today, Macy’s has the role of raising profit levels to maximize shareholder’s wealth. This essay will divulge a report on how Macy’s Company is controlled by the management to meet the vision and mission. Macy’s has a well organized management system to motivate staff members and management level. Factors that make Macy’s Company a model management controlled organization include the fact that there are close working bonds between managers and the employees.

The managers work closely with the employees in order to learn their strengths and weaknesses, and eventually motivate them to be better in what they like doing at work (Barmash 145). The company has a high percentage of employees in the lower management ranks, such as cashiers, floor management and sales associates. Macy’s uses score cards and Macy’s money, discounts for employees, bonus days, loyalty program, credit card coupons, to reward these different level employees based on their performance.

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Macy’s Store stays innovative by using technology related applications such as Apple pay and my wallet Holiday program, which can be accessed over the internet through smart phones and tablets (The Magic of Macy’s). The staffs can make complaints or enquiries to the management at any time through the open door policy and members can try solving issues in their teams with the intervention of a group leader. This manner of conflict resolution promotes harmony at the workplace (Lussier 444).