Sample Management Essays On Leadership Qualities

Homework Question on Leadership Qualities

  1. Discuss the qualities of effective business leaders. Reference at least two business leaders.
  2. What methods do they use to create a culture of motivation and high performance?
  • Give specific examples, identifying which managerial theory/notion is being utilized (i.e. Taylor’s Scientific Management, Pink’s take on Motivation, the Hawthorne Effect, Theory Y/X, etc). I chose Sheryl Sandberg and Brenda Barnes.

Homework Answer on Leadership Qualities

Leadership refers to a quality that is in the personality of an individual. It can only be attained through an individual’s self-determination. On the other hand, leadership relies on the organic structure of an individual, which include intelligence, skills, responsibility, and courage

Brenda Barnes

She is one of the leaders who support emotionally intelligent leadership. He took 22 years in PepsiCo and her leadership style is associated to a consensus building.She is aware that individuals are not machines and recognizing their needs would be effective. Brenda suggested the core idea of seeking for consensus and collaborative practice ( 1). As a chief executive, she is aware of the need of reducing the conflict situation and was not in for oppressive style of leadership.

Currently, she shares her experiences in promoting her strategic leadership and the way they think. She is a successful business leader because she shares her experiences with the audience explaining to them the need to motivate, collaborate, and seek for consensus.

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Proper distribution of resources. When Brenda Barnes was charged with The responsibility of a CEO of Sara Lee, she made sure that resources were properly allocated in order to attain her objectives. For instance, she allocated 250 million dollars to R, D, and promotion alongside the allocated amount in the budget. This was aimed at increasing annual sales from 2% to 4% ( 1).