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Homework Question on Attributes

  • CEO Tony Hsieh believes he’s learned how to create both passion and profits which he outlines in his book, “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose,” and disperses to his company.
  • Before you click on the link to view the video, turn to page 451 and review the leader attributes found in Table 14.4. Keep this page in front of you as you watch the video to select the top three attributes you believe Tony possesses.
  • Watch the video then post your response to the following questions:
  1. Which three attributes does Mr Hsieh possess that make him a successful leader? Explain your selections
  2. Is Mr Hsieh a transactional leader or a transformational leader? Explain your answer
  3. What is your reaction to Zappo’s unique work environment?
  4. Respond to two classmates’ discussion post.

Homework Answer on Attributes

The three leadership attributes that Tony Hsieh possesses are vision, delegation, and energy. A successful leader should be able to envision the company’s success and put that vision into action. Tony Hsieh has the vision of the company and put it into action that led to the company becoming successful. He also has the attribute of delegation. This means that he uses the available team resources in order to create a lot of productivity.

The third attribute that the CEO possesses is energy. He is the source of positive energy to the team that keeps them motivated. This can be seen by how he interacts with the employees.Tony Hsieh is a transformational leader. He identifies the changes that are needed and creates a vision to guide the change through inspiring the employees. He executes the changes with committed members in his team to make the change happen.

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He is also the main source of morale and motivation to the employees. Transformational leadership is the best kind of leadership to define him. His vision is to lead the group without showing the authority that he has on the employees. This alone is a motivating fact that will improve the morale and dedication to the employees.The employees have a good working environment. They all look happy to work at the company and interact with each other freely.