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Homework Question on Kyoto Protocol

  • KYOTO Protocol On March 29, 2001, the Bu K s Administration withdrew the United States from the 1997 yoto Protocol on climate change t f .
  • The US states “The Kyoto Protocol does g world seeks not provide the Ion term to the problem of global warming” to the
  1. Why does the US administration think this way
  2. Did US come up with a better proposal?
  • In each of the above questions you have to explain logically and state your,_ citations/references.

Homework Answer on Kyoto Protocol

The US states “The Kyoto protocol does not provide the long term solution that the world seeks to the problem of global warming.

Why does the US administration think this way?

The United States administration thinks this way because the burden of reducing carbon dioxide emissions was left to the developed nations while the developing ones were not required to make any commitments to reduction of their emissions. The countries that were cited in by the Bush administration as requiring to be committed to the Kyoto protocol included China and India (Saundry par 3).

The Kyoto protocol required the developed nations to reduce their carbon emissions by 7 percent of the quantity emitted by their industries in the 1990s decade. United States produces the highest quantity of carbon emissions globally followed by china. China was still considered a developing nation by the time the Kyoto protocol was developed. The exclusion of developing countries must have made the united states feel as if this protocol was against the developed nations and  likely to hurt their development in future.

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This is evident in the way Canada was forced to withdraw from the Kyoto agreement in the year 2011 after failing to achieve the required lowered emission targets. Failure to reach those targets spelled fines for the member nations and Canada must have realized that this would put them in disadvantageous financial obligations. Just as the US had predicted, the Kyoto protocol seems not to have achieved much since its inception. The exclusion of the world’s greatest polluter might have played part.