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Homework Question on Inventory Management process

  1. Explain why Aggregate Planning and Master Scheduling factor into the overall  Inventory Management process?
  2. How does it impact the business?

Homework Answer on Inventory Management process

Aggregate planning and master scheduling refers to two of the important business operations aspects that work together with the aim of stimulating and impacting business inventory management process in a more perfected, a detail oriented level and a comprehensive level (Kumar, 2006). For it to achieve its goals, aggregate planning is in many situations based upon strategic computations and calculations that are meant to formulate the essential elements that include inventory operating decisions.

Through the utilization of this aspect, the concepts of aggregate planning stress on apportioning resources for the business to satisfy the anticipated demand and supply.  The concepts also intend to achieve the production plan that is meant to use optimally the organization’s resources with the aim of meeting the prevailing and expected demand (Gansterer, 2015).

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The master scheduling aspects in inventory process help in evaluating the impact of accepting new orders. As a result, it indicates the costs and benefits effects because of new orders and hence helps in inventory management process in making decisions on whether to incorporate new orders in the inventory. The aspects also help in providing the delivery dates for orders and hence ensuring that all orders are delivered on time to avoid incurring inventory costs in case of spoilage, obsolesce and breakages (Proud, 2012).