Sample Management Essays On Ethical Issues At Apple

Homework Question on Ethical Issues at Apple

  • Please identify a total of three ethical issues that face either Walmart, or Apple and develop 2 approaches for addressing each of these three issues.
  • In other words 3 x 2 x 2= 12.
  • Also one of the issues for both Apple and Walmart must relate to their international business.
  • Minimum 500 words.

Homework Answer on Ethical Issues at Apple

Apple Inc. is one of the leading consumer electronics companies in the world. The company mainly deals in mobile phones, computers, and music players among other telecommunication and media devices. Despite its success, Apple has been faced with several ethical challenges that have negatively affected the company, and are likely to impact the future success of the company. The ethical issues have also damaged the company reputation in the eyes of the consumers.

The major ethical issues that have faced the company in recent years include product quality, privacy of consumer information, and environmental sustainability (Clarke, and Boersma 54)

Product Quality

Apple brand is built upon the quality of its product. However, in recent years, Apple has been criticized for low quality of its products leading to serious ethical dilemma.

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The computation in the consumer electronic industry is demanding companies to establish new products in the market at a faster rate in order to survive in the market. Apple, like other companies in the market, has kept the pace of launching new products at a fast rate to increase its competitive advantage. As a result, it has failed to detect the defects in the new products hence intervening with the quality of the products.