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Homework Question on Dynamics

  1. What are the differences between a team, a task force, and a committee? What are some of the potential differences in dynamic between people in these different groups?
  2. Describe a time when you witnessed or experienced cultural incompetence in the delivery of healthcare. Knowing what you now know, what do you think could have been done to avoid that incident, or done differently?
  3. * one paragraph each but answered completely and thoroughly this not an essay. Course Materials Buchbinder, SB, and Shanks, NH. (2012). Introduction to Health Care Management. 2nd ed. Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

Homework Answer on Dynamics

A team is a group of people having a set of complementary skills needed for accomplishing a given task, project or job (Taylor & Hansen, 2005). This means teams work within a particular time frame, rarely vote and use a chosen model for decision making. A task force is a temporary group of people formed to undertake a specific mission, or to solve a problem that needs a multi-disciplinary method. Task force always comprise of people with different expertise in various fields (Taylor & Hansen, 2005).

A committee on the other hand, is more formal and consist of individuals appointed to carry out a function on behalf of a larger group. They serve specific functions and are based on organizational by-laws or statutes.Different groups have different dynamic of people; behavior and relations with each other. Members in a team work with high level of interdependence, accountability, share authority, responsibility and rewards (Taylor & Hansen, 2005).

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Members of a task force work collectively and are provided with resources needed to achieve success. Their relations are in line with the set goals to be achieved. Committees are headed by a committee chair and have members who represent different points of view. Most organizations have structures where different committees are included (Taylor & Hansen, 2005). The members comply with set guidelines in executing their duties to avoid any conflict of interest that may arise.