Sample Management Essays On Communication Skills

Homework Question on Communication skills

  • For this week’s discussion assignment, find an internal communication document (this could be e-mail, newsletter, memo, or other internal means of communicating with staff) that you have seen either in your current organization or another organization that you are familiar with.
  • You could also research on the Internet and find a suitable business communication document. Based on your analysis of the chosen business document, complete the following tasks:
  1. Discuss who the intended audience is for this document as well as what the intended message is.
  2. Rewrite the document in your own words using different concepts about written communication.
  • Next, write a minimum of three paragraphs that include outside references to explain the importance of effective written communication both as an individual and as a team member. Include the answers to the following in your explanation:
  1. What are the advantages to good communication?
  2. Many people cite communication as a large issue in the organization in which they work. Why, in your opinion, are there so many communication issues within an organization when it is such an important aspect of a successful organization?

Homework Answer on Communication skills

The business communication document identified in this case is meant for all the employees of the ABC Corporation who have been receiving emails from the company’s server. The email is designed to remind the employees that any official communication from the company should have the business’s name together with that of the recipient.

Rewritten document

To: ABC Company Employees

Subject: Outgoing Company e-mails

This is to inform our all our employees that any email coming from the enterprise should bear the company’s name and that of the recipient. This is intended to reduce cases of unsent mail and business statements that end at the post office due to a lack of the company’s name being included in the communication document. You are therefore kindly requested to include the company’s name for quick and efficient delivery of messages to the targeted parties.

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For package deliveries, employees are advised to place well-labeled stickers with the recipient’s details on the top. Notably, mail and package delivery will be cost effective and delivered at the right time and to the right recipients by following the mentioned guidelines. This information is anticipated to create awareness to all employees and not for victimization of any staff in the enterprise.