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Homework Question on Call Center Control Measure

  1. Evaluate the structure of a timeshare call center using the control measure of feedback to determine how efficient and effective it is. This is not based on a specific call center just in general.

  Homework Answer on Call Center Control Measure

A call center refers to a central function that is purposed to receive and disseminate large volumes of data by telephone. An organizational call center should have a quality management body that administers the effectiveness of services rendered to the current and potential clients (Poster, 2007). The information handled in a call center includes inquiries, requests along with clients’ feedback. As such, due care and skill must be upheld in order to achieve the organization’s goal regarding customer support and contentment.

A call center has fax machines, social media, and e-mail support, along with live support software. To achieve the objective of such a center, the agents should be competent, reliable, and of integrity. In the case of feedback data, it is important that organizations maintain an internal control program to supervise efficiency and effectiveness (Dean, 2007). This is for the reason that feedback information is vital in the decision-making process besides being a sound success determinant in any organization.

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The customer interaction center manages vital and valuable customer data, such as contacts. Such a setting is entrusted with obtaining information from customers, answering to their queries, and maintaining records. Therefore, the customer relationship body in every organization should carry out frequent surveys and supervision to ensure the company’s resources are not wasted or underutilized (Rafaeli, Ziklik, & Doucet, 2008). The aim of such control measures include saving a company the huge sums of money invested in developing and maintaining a call center as well as to ensure customers are pleased with the speed services is rendered.