Sample Management Essays On Business Communication

Homework Question on Business Communication

  • Find an article, hardcopy or online, that you think relates communication in a business/management environment.
  • Write a memo to me that:
  1. Summarizes the article – Links to the article – Relates why it about business communication – Why it is a valuable read for managers Keep it to two pages maxium, follow the memo format for the course, and waTch for grammar and typographical errors.
  2. Guidance: I would take the first couple of paragraphs to summarize the article, including the article info: title author, date and link. Then the next paragraphs building the case on how the article is related to or about business communication and the then finish it with a paragraph that layout out the value of reading the article for a manger today.
  3. The sample memo is how a memo should be formatted: Memo To From Date Subject Paragraphs justified left- no 1st sentence indented Use numbers or bullets for specific points, actions or details.

Homework Answer on Business Communication

The article under review is titled, ‘The impact of business communication on organizational performance in Nigerian companies’ and has been written by Udegbe Further details on the article are that it is a journal derived from the Australian Journal of Business and Management Research, Volume 2, issue No.01 dated April-2012. The article aims at forming a relation between the role of business communication and organizational performance.

Furthermore, it forms a correlation between the effectiveness of business communication in influencing organizational change that has a positive effect on the company, its customers, and its employees. Additionally, the article looks at the level of penetration of business communication in different categories of businesses, such as manufacturing, finance, agriculture, banking, insurance, and marketing, among others. This information is achieved through the conductance of an empirical research that used survey to generate responses from companies, individuals, and customers at levels of industry.

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The article is related to business communication by performing an empirical research that uses several variables to assess the effectiveness and penetration of business communication within an organization. In addition, some of the variables being used to assess respondents’ relation of business communication in an organization are exchanging information, providing feedback, encouraging two-way communication, sending and fulfilling orders, executing decisions, helping in solving problems, considering medium of communication, operational efficiency, achievement of organizational goals, and corporate image among others.