Sample Management Essays On A Professional Interview

Homework Question on A Professional Interview

  • Identify  a Human Resource Development professional, a Training professional or Organization Development professional or any other person who can provide you with answers regarding the functioning of HRD in their organization ( profit or non-profit).
  1. Write a paragraph about the title of the person to interview and his/her job, as well as their organization. ( Do not mention names or any other personal information regarding the person or the company) then,
  2. Interview the person using the following questions.
  3. Record the answers under each question.
  • What kind of qualifications a person in your department should have that would make them more successful in the HRD field?
  • How often does your department do training?
  • What challenges do you face during the recruiting and retention process?
  • What courses from your education that are outside of the HR field would you say have been the biggest assets to you while in the HR field?
  • How often does your Human Resources Department, update training materials?
  • Do you have any experience training employees for global employment?
  • How do you determine if training is needed to remedy a problem?
  • What do you do when an employee has completed the provided required training, but remains incompetent in that skill?
  • What training skills or disciplinary actions do you take when an employee is failing in some aspect of their job?

Homework Answer on A Professional Interview

  1. What kind of qualifications a person in your department should have that would make them more successful in the HRD field?

A person working in the human resource department would be awarded responsibilities and would be held accountable for their actions. As a result, individuals need to have the qualification that would help them when interacting with every level of management and subordinates within the organization. This would include justifying budgetary allocations, resolving conflicts among the workforce and monitor workplace investigations.

The individual should have a minimum of one four years degree in human resource management, be certified by the certifying HR body and finally they should have a working experience in different areas of the HR department.

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  1. How often does your department do training?

The frequency to which the department conducts training differs with the needs of the organization and the State law that regulates companies. For instance, the department conducts training after hiring new employees before they are allocated their assigned roles. The department also conducts training when there is a need to link employee’s behavior with desired business outcomes. Annual training is done to improve the employee’s competencies and motivate them to achieve their set goals in their jobs. Health hazard pieces of training are also conducted when the company identifies a new workplace hazard.