Sample Management Essay Paper on Teamwork


Working as a team can be challenging yet still interesting. What matters is the approach. From my experience working as a team, I learned that a team is not just a gathering of individuals. A team must be a real working group. Each member of the team must work not individually but with all others to achieve a common goal. They must share common values and a vision of the work to be done. In return, teamwork must be a source of fulfillment for its members. It is very important for a team to have a leader. However, a leader should offer guidance more than give directives. The leader has a responsibility to ensure smooth running of the project and distribute work to other stakeholders. There will be a hierarchical relationship between the members of the team and the leader, but not necessarily mutual respect.

It is also important that each member of a team must know his role and what he can bring. The objectives to be achieved must therefore be clearly defined, precisely, and of course must be achievable. They also need to add value to the project, and team members need to be able to realize that their work is essential and that the time they spend is valuable. Having common goals clearly stated and understood will increase everyone’s motivation and help forge a strong team spirit. In this case, we set milestones to achieve, with clear objectives each time, so that the motivation of the team remained intact until the end of the project. Additionally, in order to further improve the motivation of each, we set individual objectives, such as the improvement of a skill, productivity, or taking responsibility. Further, we highlight the importance of ensuring good communication. Good internal communication is one of the basic rules of teamwork. It is important for everyone to know what others are working on. This makes it easier to help solve a problem, or to know where to go for help when you need it.