Sample Management Essay Paper on Marketing in the News

The article “FACEBOOK ADDS MORE REFINED TARGETING FOR APP-INSTALL ADS” is about an App Event Optimization strategy that Facebook intends to implement to target people who perform specific actions on different platforms. The plan aims at eliminating the current trend of apps being installed to uninterested people, thus rendering the apps useless. Using the new strategy, advertisers will be able to reach out to the audience who have an interest in the products which they would like to purchase.

The contents of the news article are essential because it defines the new strategy in the marketing campaign where targeted users will be reached, and this adds value to both advertisers and organizations who are targeting specific clients to purchase their services or products. The article explains how the users can go beyond installing apps which pops up on their phones or computers. The article is relevant to the course work because, in management, it involves the coordination of activities to achieve given objectives. Using the material as a reference, one of the goals of any competing firm is to ensure that all the targeted clients become useful to the organization by taking a further step of purchasing an item rather than installing and uninstalling an app (“Facebook Adds More Refined Targeting for App-Install Ads,” 2019). The outcome of the article means that for managers to be effective, they have to take strategic positions in the diverse business environment in terms of marketing.

The article implies that business managers will have to move away from the traditional method of advertisement and adopt the upcoming App Event Optimization to increase revenue by monetizing users and avoid wastage of resources. Business managers must adopt the new strategy to prevent the danger of focusing on clients who are not productive to the company. Through the article, managers should be keen to make wise decisions to achieve the objectives of any organization.

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