Sample Management Essay Paper on JIT

Part One: Missing Core Beliefs and Major Missing Element

            Simplification is one of the missing core beliefs of Toyota JIT philosophy. Simplification aims at minimizing activities and tasks while maintaining efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity to deliver value to the organization. The JIT principle stipulates that any excess of problems such as low quality of raw materials, the unreliability of vendors and ineffective machinery can be visible in the organization; thus, such issues can be removed by eliminating the excesses associated with each problem (“Operations Management” 2019). In dealing with the inherent difficulties, there must be a minimization of activities to promote process efficiency.  Simplification is essential because it streamlines the production process in an organization because the unnecessary parts of a process are removed.

Part Two: Differences between the Traditional and JIT Assembly Lines.

One of the differences between traditional and JIT assembly lines is about workers. In JIT assembly lines, the workers are treated as assets to the company while in traditional lines, the workers are not a crucial component. Secondly, in JIT assembly lines, the vendors are treated as partners to the company while in the traditional setup, vendors have short term relationship with the organization (“Toyota Redefines JIT With Tundra Program,” 2019). Additionally, the JIT assembly lines use a demand pull system while the traditional assembly lines use a push system. In demand pull system, production commences after the inventory reaches a specific level while in the push system, production is based on the demand which may be forecasted or actual (“JIT Just-in-Time manufacturing, “2019). The underlying philosophy in the JIT system is to produce a product when it is needed. Finally, in the JIT assembly lines, deliveries are done in small portions, but many times while in the traditional setup, deliveries are done in large portions but in few times.

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