Sample Management Essay Paper on Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management

            Healthcare managers are the capable of ensuring continuity of the business when it comes to healthcare; this is because they are the one in charge of financial management as well as looking for techniques in which patient care can be improved (Erstad, 2017). As a healthcare manager, my organization of choice which I want to join is the Health Care Administrators Association (HCAA). HCAA is an organizational resource for healthcare leaders which ensure that they stay updated of any change in healthcare systems as well as modernization of the healthcare industry (Healthcare Management, 2019). I chose HCAA because through this organization I will always be updated of any change in the health care industry and this will enable me to ensure that improved and quality healthcare services are offered to our patients. Also, through joining HCAA I will be conversant of the modern healthcare systems which I will apply in my healthcare organization hence keeping our organization modernized.

            Being a member of HCAA I will benefit largely; for example, being an HCAA member will make me have the opportunity to associate and connect with other professionals. Through involvement, we will be able to exchange ideas and this will improve my knowledge as well as enable myself to gain more skills towards healthcare management. Through HCAA I will also get an opportunity to discuss health issues with more experienced HCAA members and this will help me when tackling different issues in my workplace. Additionally, HCAA holds conferences twice a year whereby members get to talk about strategies and issues affecting them. Through the conferences, I will be able to learn more strategies that I can incorporate in my work setting as well as be able to raise issues that are affecting me as a health manager and my organizations as a whole. Through rising out my issues I will be able to get solutions from other professionals. Joining Health Care Administrators Association will be beneficial to me as an individual and to my organization at large.


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