Sample Management Essay on the Differences Between the Saudi and the American management

The Differences between the Saudi and the American Management

Differences in people, places, culture and expectations make in necessary to implement different management strategies in the global context. Such differences manifest in different ways. For instance, there have to be managerial differences between Saudi and America is immense. The Saudi management prospect involves application of an instructional approach while in America; most of the managerial applications depend on an individualistic approach. Other differences exist in the perceptions of employers, working hours and work ethics.

In the United States, most of the employers refer to labor laws as well as to the demands of labor organizations. However, the employee turnover is still high due to the mobility of workers. In the Saudi Arabia, worker mobility is low hence prevalent complaints against labor organizations. In terms of work ethics, Saudi Arabian context incorporates reference to Islamic laws while the US context involves reference to corporate ethics and work cultures (Anastos and others 81). While the work week runs from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the United States, it begins on Saturday and ends on Wednesday in Saudi Arabia.

Management of employees in Saudi Arabia involves focus on harmony and creation of a positive work environment. However, the decision making is hierarchical. Decisions made on higher levels of management are passed down without questioning. In the United States, decision making is done bureaucratically, with focus being on individual performance. The decision making process is therefore fast but implementation is slow.

In change implementation, the focus is placed on goals in the US rather than on practices. Moreover, work performance appraisals are often carried out with the objective of determining the most appropriate employees for promotion. Training is also carried out hesitantly while employees live in constant fear of job loss (Berry 32). The leaders are thus expected to be direct and strong in their management.

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