Sample Management Essay Summary on Target Cards

Target Cards

After Walmart, target is one of the largest retailers in the US. The corporation begun in 1902 and operates in three distinct segments. The operations of the company are classified into Target retail, target credit cards and target retail cards in Canada. The company offers credit through Target Visa cards or other forms of credit services approved by the company. In the recent past, there have been problems experienced by the company in its use of credit cards.

One of the complaints raised by the customers of the company is that there has been emergence of fraudulent operations in the company. Allegedly, there have been instances of unauthorized access to some of the credit cards. Due to this, the levels of stress and anomaly in the organization were raised due to concerns about using the company’s cards. Investors, employees and other customers thus felt the need to transact on cash basis rather than depending on the cards.

In addition to this, system failures were prevalent at the stores resulting in a lot of inconveniences to the customers in terms of time and service credibility. The credit cards were linked to banks and during times of system failure, the customers incurred huge losses from their bank accounts. The failures were only observed in the USA credit card retails while the Canadian customers had no issues.

Because of this, customers continued to lose trust in the system, lowering the credibility of the company. Having recognized these issues, the company management had to make a report regarding the probable reasons behind the fraudulent occurrences. This was concluded with claims that the disclosure of PIN numbers to unauthorized persons could result in fraudulent activities committed on the credit cards. In cases where no signs of compromise to the PIN were present, explaining the fraudulent actions became a challenge.

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