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Homework Question on Performance Management at Network Solutions, Inc.

  • Identifying or predicting positive and negative outcomes at Network Solutions, Inc. may be aided by the information on page 22 of the text where the author identifies the characteristics of an ideal performance management system (PMS).
  • For this discussion, read Case Study 1-2: Performance Management at Network Solutions, Inc. on pages 31-32 in your textbook.
  1. What do you think will be some of the advantages or positive outcomes resulting from the implementation of the system?
  2. What do you anticipate will be some of the disadvantages or negative outcomes? Why?
  • Required: Aguinis, H. (2013). Performance management (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle, NJ: Prentice Hall. ISBN-13: 9780132556385

Homework Answer on Performance Management at Network Solutions, Inc

Advantages of the Forced Distribution Performance Management System

The forced distribution performance management system implemented at Network Solutions Inc. will increase employee motivation in various departments of the organization. The constant evaluation and ranking of employees in regard to their performances will increase the morale of workers towards their work as they will be targeting high salary increments, bonuses, and stock options rewarded once they are ranked 1st (“Case Study 1.2: Performance Management at Network Solutions, Inc.1 for h17pe Bk Taster,” n.d.).

The performance management system will also determine and further differentiate good performers from poor performers. The ranking of employees according to their individual performances into ranks 1, 2, and 3 will identify poor performers, thereby allowing the managers to come up with various strategies for addressing any performance problem they may be having. It shall also enable good performers to be awarded for their efforts in attaining the organization’s goals (Venkateswara, 2004).

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The performance system is likely to increase the competence of employees. The systems will improve and develop the employees’ competences through development plans that require training for employees to increase their performances.