Sample Management Essay Summary on Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems

Poverty is one of the key problems faced in the world today. However, various measures can be taken to ensure that poverty is eradicated in the society in the contemporary times. A Management information Systems technician can help to eradicate poverty in several ways. As an MIS student, there are various advantages associated with the course itself. First, MIS is the only course in the business school which teaches project management. Given that the societal interactions depend on the management of people and resources, MIS can help individuals to help one another in poverty eradication. The level of poverty in the world today is so great and is said to be caused mainly by ignorance (Mohapatra 88). The elimination of ignorance through encouraging people to engage in activities that can help to eradicate poverty can be considered to be the role of MIS practitioners and students. In addition to this, investment in science, technology and education can help countries to eradicate ignorance through the MIS (Masterman 11).

The MIS can help in poverty eradication through various benefits associated with the systems. MIS professionals are more concerned with problem solving and are armed with the requisite skills for poverty eradication. This is due to their attention to details which enables them to find alternative solutions to problems. Knowledge management is an essential step towards achieving advancement in poverty eradication. This can be achieved through the help of MIS which also enable project managers to plan. Through effective distribution of resources and creation of sufficient and effective infrastructure, the vice of poverty can be eliminated. This is achievable when project managers use MIS to plan and implement their infrastructural plans.


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