Sample Management Essay Summary on Achieving Project Goals Simulation

Achieving Project Goals Simulation

The concept of six blind men and an elephant is a perfect example of how combination of efforts and collaboration can help to achieve a relatively difficult project. According to Schmaltz (2003), the blindness of various players makes them adamant to applying the opinions of others. This should however not be a barrier to successful project completion. Managerial training provides sufficient information and knowledge on managerial values and principles that can be applied in the management o team mates.

Where management simulation is used, the learners are provided with a variety of real life management issues to help in decision making and enhance learning. Through simulation, a manager gets the skills to complete projects in a desirable and timely manner (Schmaltz, 2003). Two advantages are associated with management simulation. First management simulation is less costly compared to the actual project building and testing process. Apart from this, simulation allows the inclusion of several varied inputs into the project hence diversifying the range of results.

While simulation is advantageous to management, it also has two key limitations. First, simulation is an imitation and thus getting good result on the real project depends on the level of accuracy of the performer. Apart from this, simulation is prone to errors and thus requires extreme care in application. The key constraints associated with project planning are the budget, human factors and process factors. The budget limits project accomplishment through restriction to operate within a particular budget limit.

Similarly the human factor in the project implies that all people involved in project completion have different roles and different traits and it is mandatory for all of them to balance for better outcomes. The process is best managed through prioritization. Crunched projects can result where the project manager strives to place all work requirements within a limited time.


Schmaltz, D. A. (2003). The blind men and the elephant: Mastering project work: how to transform fuzzy responsibilities into meaningful results. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

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