Sample Management Coursework Paper on Team Communication

Team Communication

            To work together people must communicate. According to Kinsey (2019), team communication refers to interactions that individual on a team share with one another. Communication can be both verbal and nonverbal, for example, teams can communicate through emails, conversations, facial expression as well as body language. Good communication is mainly based on healthy relationships; when team members relate well with each communication becomes easier and this makes it easy to attain goals. To promote team communication, team members should communicate clearly, be open and honest as well as ensure that all important information is passed on without delay.

            Team communication is very important in the execution of a project; to reach goals there must be a proper flow of information and this is only achieved through communication (Liibert, 2018). For instance, through team communication team members gets a chance to speak themselves out. If a team member feels overburdened with work or not able to accomplish his/her task he/she is able to communicate and get help from other team members. Through team communication, every team member gets the opportunity to express themselves and this makes teamwork easy. Additionally, checklists help team members know what needs to be done; checklists act as a reminder and it ensures that team members are updated hence avoiding delays and accomplishing tasks on time.

            I work for the State of LA Department of Children & Family Services; my work incorporates teamwork. To achieve most of our goals as an organization, teamwork is required as it facilitates efficiency. As a team, team communication is important and we usually promote and support it. For example, an employee may be left with several kids to take care of and this may be difficult; through team communication, the employee can ask for help from team members whom in return will come to help their partner. Also through team communication, an employee can consult where he/she do not know. Dealing with children and family issues is not easy and with teamwork, one can found solutions or answers quickly. Team communication is very crucial when it comes to accomplishing tasks and thus teams should always promote team communication.


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