Sample Management Coursework Paper on Managing for High Performance

Managing for High Performance

 Managing high performance demands that a person set clear goals that are attainable within a specified period. Thus, my goals within the next two years are as follows:

  1. Pursuing my BBA degree in business analysis.

This goal meets the requirements of the measuring standard SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound). I hope to attain my educational goal by graduating with a BBA to enhance my work profile. Educational qualification is critical for employment endeavors. I encountered some challenges in establishing specific goals from alternative goals (Guerra-López, 2014).

  • Getting 121 credit hours in my teaching career.

Currently, I have managed to acquire sixty-nine hours out of one hundred and twenty one hours. Acquiring maximum points put me at an advantageous state in my counseling career. However, searching for data in this field presented a challenge.

  • I expect to graduate in two years time (Cook, 2011)

I anticipate having a degree to apply in my future careers. Thus, looking for employment will be easier with a bachelor’s degree. This goal is closely connected to short-term goals hence it was harder to settle for the long-term goal.

I had a counseling session with a family member (cousin). The relationship between the two of us affected the ability to deliver effectively. First, the victim would not take my formal advice seriously. Therefore, the counseling session took place in an informal manner. Secondly, the victim was not at ease to give his contribution and express feelings. Thus, the relationship negatively influenced the counseling endeavor (Jackson, 2010).

One of the disciplinary techniques that have been applied on me is as follows. The supervisor took the following steps. First, he took time in identification of the problem and stating goals to be achieved by the disciplinary initiative. Consequences and repercussions of the endeavor were outlined and clearly stated before making comments. Therefore, the laws and regulation influenced my reaction to the disciplinary session.


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