Sample Management Coursework Paper Summary on Leadership


There have been many leaders across the world, that have impacted the lives of their people positively in various ways. Although the contributions of some of the leaders may not be much, their impacts are still felt by their people. The health care sector clearly needs such transformative leaders to ensure long terms success. One of the most successful leaders in the contemporary time is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Prior to her rise to the Liberian presidency, the country had been in shambles for more than two years. Liberia had high unemployment rates, high poverty levels and similarly high debt levels. The national debt in the country, amounting to over $4.9 billion USD had not been serviced for over two decades. Ellen was thus the hope of Liberians as she averted all the negative aspects associated with the country (Paludi, 2010). For instance, she encouraged many foreign investors who came into the country and eventually led to the creation of more than 4,000 new jobs within a very short time. For a woman, the achievements were tremendous as they led to increase in the hope held by the Liberians.

In addition to this, Ellen also made changes in the Healthcare and education sectors ensuring sustainability and growth in both. A second personality to be applauded for leadership is Barrack Obama. From the works done by the US president, he is considered to have contributed most to the affordability of healthcare in the country, handling various issues such as Hurricane Sandy and redistribution of wealth (Dean et al., 2009). Nelson Mandela also makes it to the top of the list among leaders in the world. The roles played by Mandela in South Africa are undeniable. From suffering for 27 years for the country to his constant fights against AIDS, Mandela has done exceptionally for his people (Buthelezi, 2002).



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