Sample Management Coursework Paper Summary on Improving the Health System

Improving the Health System

During the 1980s, the health system relied on focus on the various aspects of the clinical care such as emergencies, medical care and in- patient scheduled procedures. While concentrating on services to be delivered, the health care system did not focus on the service de livery procedure or on the intra- mural and extra- mural care in the hospitals. The hospitals also focused on equity access to health care for all the citizens. The health care system has since changed towards achieving greater service delivery objectives. The government health systems for instance is increasingly involving the enhancement of good health, treatment of individuals of ill health or disabilities and caring for patients with disabilities. These changes are based on the argument that achieving a healthy nation is reliant on services beyond the provision of health services (Turnell and Steve, 2005). This implies that both public and private health institutions have to play their roles with regards to achieving a healthy nation.

The strife towards the achievement of a healthy nation also focuses on disease prevention. In respect of this, the prevention process entails checking and prevention of diseases such as cervical and breast cancer. Health in general refers to the absence of illness. Presently, the acute hospitals aim at improving social health. The health sector requires emphasis on particular life issues to enhance wellness in the country. To achieve this, social trends have shown that there is an increase in pressure among individuals and families. To achieve this, it is necessary for health care facilities to invest in consultation in order to achieve information that will improve the quality of life and health. The goals of better health can only be achieved through the coming together of different independent bodies (Roberts, 2006).



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