Sample Management Coursework Paper on Doing the Right Thing: How Today’s Leading Companies Are Becoming More Ethical


  • Top three tips on creating an effective PowerPoint

A good PowerPoint presentation should be concise and direct; single words or short phrases should be used. The presentation needs to be well formatted with bullets, themes, appropriate fonts, and infographics. Furthermore, it should have a distraction-free background.

  • Reason why

The reason a presentation should have the above qualities is so that it will be more effective. A good presentation should support the main ideas in the most compelling way possible. Using appropriate formatting and a suitable background enable the audience to follow, read, interpret and easily understand the information and message of the presentation.

  • Mistakes that should be avoided

The audience’s ability to concentrate and interpret the presentation is negatively affected if there is too much text on the slides. Too many words may distract the audience and it will be hard for them to comprehend the presentation’s message. The person preparing the presentation should keep the presentation short and concise and avoid using too many words.

  • Particular “ingredients” to be included in an ethics program in order to attract clients and the best employees

Frequent communication and moral value system (Schwartz 29).

  • Reason for choosing the particular ingredients and justifying their measurements

Regular, effective communication is very important to the success of a business since ethical practices can be shared with all the different stakeholders, such as customers, investors, supplies, business partners and community members (Kubal et al. 7). Instilling a moral value system will enable an organizational culture that guides ethical decision making where, everyone will know what is required of them and how they will be able to work towards achieving it.

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