Sample Management Coursework Paper Summary on Diversity


Diversity refers to the appreciation of differences that occur in an organization on aspects such as gender, culture and race. The lethal reactions that may arise where diversity is not appreciated require organizations to come up with common cultures that take into consideration all the distinctive personal features. Developing an organizational culture is one of the most difficult roles of organizational management. The management of any organization should develop cultures that cut across all the nationalities presented in the organization. This can be achieved by having a culturally diverse leadership in an organization.

Each of the leaders can then represent their culture and thus provide guidelines on how to incorporate their own cultures into the common organizational culture. Embracing all the distinctive personal cultures into the organizational culture can help to develop a sense of acceptance into the organization and subsequently to guide commitment to organizational goals and objectives. All leadership levels in the organization should hold regular meetings to help people adhere to organizational goals while also accepting individual differences (Bono, 2012).

For an internet based organization, diversity is linked to differences in gender, culture and race. These differences can be consolidated to help achieve organizational objectives. In order for a diverse organization to work towards achieving these objectives, it is necessary for the organization to have clearly outlined goals and objectives. This can help the organization to achieve greater performance in different aspects. In addition to this, aligning organizational performance to organizational goal can be instrumental in achieving the objectives outlined for the organization. A diverse organization also has to incorporate strategy into business and functional priorities. This can be achieved by ensuring that employees are aware of their roles in the organizations. A challenge in accomplishing this is the instigation of management inventiveness (Powell, 2002).



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