Sample Management Coursework Paper on Data Analysis for Decision Making

Data Analysis for Decision Making

Lean production is an efficient way of ensuring that operations in an organization yield high profit margins. In a service-oriented firm like a casino, lean production would entail coming up with operational measures that ethically binds clients with servants contracted provide certain services (Kochan, Lansbury & MacDuffie, 2018). With reference to the data provided, there are varying measures that would be adopted as operational policies to guide in implementing a progressive lean production mechanism at Caesars’s chain of casinos. As would be realized, lean production policies would include reducing inventory expenditure at the expense of capitalizing on benefits of ethical service delivery to all clients.

Cutting cost on recreational services for clients would a suitable strategy to adopt – as a management decision – as it would proactively respond to the economic needs of the firm. However, it would be vital to ensure that an alternative decision from the management fills that loophole which would retain revenue generation levels (Nicholas, 2015). This is to recommend an employee-oriented service management policy which upgrades service provision to clients at different categories. For instance, ushering in new clients should be executed in a way that creates a progressive precedence which would create a strong and long-term customer relationship.

Rebranding the firm’s organizational culture would be a vital management decision that would promote revenue generation for the casinos at distinct categories. For instance, financial data generated from polished silverware should be directly equated with a newly acquired organizational value that corresponds with the firm’s goals and objectives (Kochan, Lansbury & MacDuffie, 2018). This would set a positive precedence on service delivery and its benefits could be realized at a later financial period, after effective implementation.


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