Sample Management Coursework Paper on Business Requirement Document: Starbucks

Business Requirement Document: Starbucks


Project Name:  Starbucks Experience

Project Sponsor: Starbuck Corporation

Service Owner:

Project Manager:

Document Date: 13th October 2020


Executive Statement

Starbuck is a leader in social media marketing. When the world changes, we change with it. Since the company has recorded a positive trend in net revenue since the incorporation of social media marketing, as a company, our main goal is to maintain the number one position by improving of our mode of marketing. As such, the project known as “Starbucks Experience” is aiming to attract potential consumers by making the Starbuck experience a personal relationship between consumers and the company.



Project scope

Starbucks has had a positive growth in revenue performance due to the incorporation of social media marketing. As such, the company needs to expand, and improve on the utilization of social media by operating different social media platforms to meet the needs of customers from the different regions; and introducing individualized order, and reserve options for customers using the company’s app. The project is aligned with Starbucks need to expand its geo-location and distribution network (Rao, 2010). Therefore, the “Starbucks Experience” is a customer-centered marketing project.



1.     Objectives
i.                 To operate independent the social media platforms especially Facebook pages, and twitter handles based on different regions

ii.               To introduce individualized order and reservation options for customers so that orders can be processed before customers arrive at the outlets




2.     Project Requirement
2.1: Functional requirements
i.                 The system should be able to notify customers of the nearest Starbucks shop as well as the coffee type being served on the day


ii.               The system should be able to book customers coffee before the arrival of the customer to reduce queuing

iii.             The separate social media platforms are aimed to understand customers from different regions so as to create a Starbuck experience that uniquely fits a given region.



2.2: Personel Requirements
The project will utilize a lot of system upgrade within the company so that we can run different accounts concurrently in creating the Starbucks experience for different customers despite the geographical locations. Additionally, the approach to partner with product distributers is aimed at making Starbucks a locally appreciated brand in many countries as possible


The key stakeholders that will be involved in the project include:

Stakeholders impacted Role played Time line Measurability
IT Department Manage the social media platforms On-going  
Customer Service Department Works together with the IT department by providing customers feedbacks on ways to improve the customer’s experience in their respective countries On-going  
Service providers Provide the Starbucks coffee dubbed, “You are far, but Starbucks still cares.” January-March 2021  A promotional study to determine the feasibility of the project



Expectations and Limitation

Starbuck goal is to make its coffee a global brand such that customers from different geographical regions should experience the Starbucks experience. Moreover, the distributers in different shops must be trained on Starbuck’s spirit. In doing so, the company will not only attract high number of customers in Starbucks shops, but also improve on employee morale and creativity. However, the project may take longer to implement due to the technological adoptions involved.

Financial statement

The project is aiming to reduce operational cost of Starbucks while incorporating an improved technological system to take advantage of social media platforms. The project is earmarked to be implemented next year. However, the IT department and the customer service departments have already began to conduct an online survey to obtain customers review on how the system should be run. Thus, the financing of the main project will be done using annual profits regarded as capital injections. The mode of financing selected was deemed the most suitable as the project is an improvement of an already existing project.

Cost-benefit analysis

Currently Starbucks has a declining advertising expenditure. Guttman (2019) notes that the company spent 245.7 million U.S. dollars in 2019 a decline from the $260.3, and $282.6 million in 2018 and 2017 respectively. Contrastingly the net revenue has increase annually as shown if Figure 1 below.


Fig 1: Starbucks’ net revenue trend since the incorporation of social media marketing.

The social networking has been effective to Starbucks performance. An improvement will be more cost efficient as advertising costs will be significantly reduced while reaching many potential customers in different geographical areas.




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