Sample Management Case Study Paper on Rus Wane: Managing issues

Rus Wane: Managing issues

Wane Equipment engages in the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of large scale industrial heating equipment. Its equipments have been used by several industries in the United States for the past 150 years. The company is facing several challenges which affect its operations. They include selling and service issues, financial tensions, poor staffing managerial and discording of the general managers.

The sales and service operations of the equipment are poorly managed (Thomas, 2003).  There is less finance to help in manufacturing of the Wane Equipment and making it unavailable to the customers in the market. In addition, top managerial personnel are not well skilled. Only the service and sales manager’s position was filled with an experienced local manager but the other managerial positions are not filled. There is also discord over the general manager; this caused a lot of difficulties in maintaining and selling of the company due to increased financial tension in the company (Peterson et al 2014). Another management issue is the formation of joint venture. This leads to obtaining of unclear information about the future the company as a brand. Formation of a joint venture leads to loss of identity and consequently, brand. This may lead to loss of customers and even potential investors. 

In conclusion, the management issues at Wane Equipment can be solved by introducing training program to improve the skills of the employees. This has capability of increasing their productivity and marketing efficiency. Filling of managerial positions should be done with skilled personnel so as to enhance the reputation of the company. The sales and service operations of the company should also be well managed from installation to maintenance.


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