Sample Management Case Study Paper on a Return to an Uncertain Future

A Return to an Uncertain Future

This story exposes the mismanagement of employee’s welfare by the bank. The banking system has no clear promotional stricture that skilled employees would move to the top levels in management. However, Adreas Weber was lucky to rise up the corporate ladder in the organization from supervisor’s position to a managerial position.

The crisis that took place in this case includes employee’s mistreatments at all echelon in the entity. It is unusual thing to find organization especially for multinational banks failing to offer good terms for experienced employees such as Adreas (Peterson & Søndergaard, 2008). If an employee requests for alternative or selective actions due to personal matters, then he or she would be subjected to harsh conditions such as demotion. This would infer that instead of serving the employees with better terms, the entity punished them for their request (Walter, 2010). Thus, the branch botched in performing its obligation and look after employee’s interests. Adreas was transferred to New York upon undefined transfer where there was miscommunication between the banks various branches. This insinuates that the system in the bank regarding employee data and file management is in jeopardy. Communication is one of the key ingredients in an entity that helps people share ideas, send information and receive data (Thomas, 2003). If the system is failing, then individuals are more likely to engage in a tussles while the entity makes loss due to commission of mistakes.

In conclusion, the bank should implement a comprehensive human resource program that will ensure that there is job rotation, good promotion practices and favorable compensation strategies. This makes certain that qualified staffs hang about in the entity and provide services to clients.


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