Sample Management Case Study Analysis Using Metaphors Essay Paper

Case Study Analysis Using Metaphors


The first case study is about distance teaching and learning with regard to project management a case study of the American public university. The problem faced by the institution was about the management of distance learning for master level graduate to be provided online. The university instructional development and design team collaboratively executed the duty in consultation with the academic department. They developed a model for the institution that was used by long distance students and teachers. The metaphor used was organization as machine. This is where all the departments work collaboratively to produce the best results for online courses (Jennifer Staley & Phil Ice, 2009).

The second case is about coca cola Company that faces challenges in conservation of water used in manufacture of beverages.  The main contributor to these challenges is the natural diversity of the regions where they have located their outlets. It uses quite a substantive amount of water in manufacturing its products hence water shortages leads to massive loss of business profits as well as slowing down the manufacturing activities. For this organization, the metaphor used is organization as brain. Coca cola is engaged in intensive projects that aim at harvesting rain water to be stored for future use. In addition, it is encouraging conservation of environment as a way of preserving the water catchment areas (Broto Rauth Bhardwaj, 2015).


There are several issues outlined in both cases as follows. The first case involving American public university on the adoption of online mode of study outlines the application of principles of project management to ensure the success of the endeavor. Development of a working framework and interface for the organization in the year 2008 was a big achievement in the history of the entity. Sixty experts were hired to execute the instructional design and content approval methods that were incorporated into the system. The system allowed members to share files, share information, and receive feedback, conducting polling, chatting and holding meetings.  The proposed solution for the problem was to establish a stable framework that would serve the specific purposes for the institution regarding online studies. These proposals are valid because technology is changing from time to time (Jennifer Staley & Phil Ice, 2009).

On the other hand, coca cola have engaged in environmental friendly initiatives that reduces carbon emission into the environment. There are a number of strategies that have been adopted to diversify the supply chain. One of the strategies is harvesting rain water as well as using solar energy to generate electricity for its power consumption. It is known as the green human resource management that incorporates computing, growing sustainability, and enterprise and supply chain management. These kinds of solutions are sustainable because they are naturally available and environmentally friendly. Thus, they can be considered to be valid for an institution of this setup that may otherwise release a lot of carbon gases into the air (Broto Rauth Bhardwaj, 2015).


There is room for improvement for both institutions due to the changing environment and technological advancement. For American public university, there is need to engage in more intensive software development because technology have redefined the way online studies used to be done. In the event the firm implements the project, it will reduce the chances of cheating in exams and improper handling of confidential information.  Moreover, the organization is deemed to benefit from improved speed of operation an action that enhances communication and sharing of documents. Communication in most cases is interrupted by loss of internet services a situation that is expected to change with the inception of the improvement process. For coca-cola company, diversity will involve the replacement of the obsolete machines that consumes a lot of power with modern and efficient machines operated by solar power. This will cut down the cost of operation for the company hence increasing its profits in the long run.

Communication for the new strategies to be implemented for the university should be through organizational change. This is where the management is keen in the event of introducing changes to the existing system so as to avoid negative effects. Thus, all participants will be informed about the new initiative in good time. I totally agree with this kind of communication strategy that the university has adopted in making awareness for changes. The reason as to why I buy in to this model of communication is that all stakeholders are given enough time to prepare in advance. Coca-cola on the other hand would use brainstorming as a way of making changes to the culture that have lived long. It is a costly affair to engage in but worth investing in because of the long benefit associated to the investment. The communication strategy is the right path to go to for a manufacturing firm because it mobilizes resources and manpower to support the initiative.


The use of metaphors managerial skills has a lot of benefits for institution due to the following reasons. Firstly, it creates an environment for corporation and collaboration that is essential for the success of an organization. Secondly, it facilitates smooth operation due harmonization between processes and systems.


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