Sample Management Admission Essay on Child Care in the Workplace

As a student, it has been a progressive step in learning, understanding, and practicing the information gained from the classroom. Childcare at the workplace is a topic of interest since few workplaces offer these services, yet it is essential. My interest in childcare has helped me to realize my area of strength, which is the drive and determination to create the best environment for children. Practical experience on childcare in the workplace has been an eye-opener, and I have learned a lot of things about childcare in the subject of organizational management.

First, I have learned that leaders, managers, or employers should provide the best interests to their employees. Concerning childcare at the workplace, the best interests are one of the principles of the UN Convention on Children rights. Thus, any decision that is made should be focused in line with interests that affects children. I have discovered that having the attention of minors can have less influence unless the policymakers or leaders take adequate measures. Each institution in the corporate world should have standards which adhere to childcare, and managers are responsible for implementing these standards. Managers need to be involved in childcare because they can quickly identify the risks exposed to minors and put in place measures to mitigate the same. Also, employers play a crucial role in fostering good practices at the workplace by taking care of employees who need to be provided with childcare centers in the organization. In the practical experience, I have gained strategies to address childcare needs by being vibrant in policy implementation. The best lesson I have drawn from the practical experience is that there are so many issues are facing employees who have children, and there are few people finding solutions.

I have also learned that planning is one of the essential steps towards achieving the set objectives in any childcare setting in an organization. From my elementary school, I have been used to doing many things randomly until I gained insight at a practical experience on the importance of planning. Children are vulnerable, and it takes a proper plan to manage the upcoming issues in the corporate world effectively. Planning is also essential in avoiding procrastination and ensures that institutions have objectives and how they can be achieved.

I also discovered that the behavior of people dealing with children at a workplace should be considered. Considering the different needs of children, it will be disastrous to entrust people with unethical behavior to attend to children. Staffs should get adequate training to enhance their competence and provide better services to children (Michel 45). I am passionate about childcare, and I am looking forward to exploring policy interventions in managing childcare issues. The practical experience has positively impacted my career in management skills, especially with childcare.

All institutions should be physically appropriate and should have a positive attitude in their contribution to the rights and freedom of their employees, especially those with young children. Children with disabilities are the most vulnerable and should be given priority in any childcare setting. As I prepare for my career, it will be my initiative to tackle the issue of childcare at the workplace and ensure that children not exposed to a harmful environment in their development. Therefore, organizations should provide affordable and quality childcare while ensuring that there are proper measures in place to protect children and assure employees on the safety of their children.

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